Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cavinti, Laguna: ReaAwakenING in a Sleepy Town

October 16, 2011
Brgy. Tibatib Cavinti, Laguna

The eco-park nestled in the mountainous area of Laguna...
The park started its construction in 2005 and after 2 years was opened to the public.

Still, most people do not know of the place or that it's the cheaper route to Pagsanjan Falls... 
Yes, the falls which most Sibika Books in our elementary years were raving about...

I guess, with the newer generation, this place may not elicit the same enthusiasm as it does with us. For someone who grew up listening to grade school teachers saying "Ang Talon ng Pagsangjan ang isa sa pinaka-tanyag na Talon sa Pilipinas...." wow... very nostalgic right?

Going to the area entails a lot of walking, climbing, and a bit of rapelling... so be prepared for the benefits of aching muscles and sore joints... hahaha... (kelangan talaga mag-Flanax!)

The place is a nice diversion to your usual crowded city...

Fresh air, green scenery... and bit of danger...
At the tip of the rainbow is of course, your Cavinti/ MAgdapaio Falls...

For a cheap price of 150, you get all of this..
Nice bargain, right?

The Story Behind:

Four college friends decided to spend their whole Saturday somewhere near... a place where they can unwind and at same time bond together. "Tama na siguro yung restuarant na lang lagi, out of our comfort zone naman..." So we chose a place close to our hearts. Actually we didn't leave, we just rediscovered what Laguna has to offer. Hurray... the place has lots on its list of wonders.

                           ... Historical, Social, Natural, Man-made, Food Trip... Name your thing!

But in the end, we just picked the most intriguing one... or shall I say, the one that calls for more adrenaline rush. hahahha.  For the rest of the day, we saw ourselves riding from one jeep to another, walking through cemented road, crossing bridges, basking in the warm weather, loving the fresh air, rapelling down steel frame structures, swimming in cold water, and enjoying the company of friends... 

The folks here are very warm and accomodating. I highly recommend if your in for something different. 

How to get here:

From Manila: 

Ride Bus in Alabang going to Sta. Cruz Laguna. From Sta. Cruz town proper, walk to the jeepney terminal and look for jeep with signboard to Cavinti, Laguna. (or better yet, ask around and people will indulge you wih details). Ask the driver to drop you at El Pueblo Salvador in Cavinti (if the jeep will not pass there, just ask the driver to drop you in the diversion before he goes to Caliraya).

At the diversion, hire a tricycle to El Pueblo Salvador. (Be sure to say, Pueblo because the driver might bring you to another eco-park in the area like what happened to us. In that case,you'll have to walk more than 500 meters of inclined beware if you're not good with the idea of additional walking. =)

1. Fare
    Los Banos to Sta Cruz, Laguna    = 35
    Sta. Cruz to Cavinti, Laguna         = 23
    Tricycle to Bumbungan Park         = 40 (4 people) --> 10
    Jeep to Cavinti frm Brgy Tibatib    = 8
    Cavinti to Areza Terminal              =19
    Areza Terminal to Liliw                 = 25
    Liliw to San Pablo, Laguna            = 29
    San Pablo to Los Banos, Laguna   = 35

2. Entrance Fee
    El Pueblo Salvador                      = 150
    (with harness and balsa ride to the falls)
Total = Php 334


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