Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ambuklao Dam (Bokod, Benguet): A Postcard - Perfect SideTrip

A Postcard - Perfect SideTrip
Ambuklao Dam, Bokod, Benguet
February 2012

Title: Side Tripping Ambuklao Dam

(This is a recount of my first encounter with the sea of clouds and surreal slopes that Mt. Pulag has become synonymous with.
The cringe, exhaustion, extreme heat, thin air, dropping temp, breathtaking sunrise and soap-opera worthy experience
are the 
bits and pieces of memories I have with this mountain.) 

~This placid lake gilded with vibrant hues
perfects a canvas brushed in blues
cold rocks, soft waves, dulling an infinite cruise
swirling, beating, circling shades infused ~

The view at the mouth of Ambuklao Dam en route to Mt. Pulag

After almost thirty minutes of top-load ride, we caught sight of one of the oldest and largest hydroelectric power plants in the country,the Ambuklao Dam located in Bokod, Benguet.
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