Monday, October 31, 2011

Liliw, Laguna: Reawakening in a Sleepy town

October 16, 2011
Liliw, Laguna

Reawakening in a Sleepy town

Liliw is famed as the region’s footwear capital. From the sprawling shoe shops and tiangge, you’d probably find here the cheapest bargained footwear in the country. Nestled in the rural countryside of Laguna, Liliw is one side trip you shouldn’t miss.

Fresh from our Cavinti Eco-park challenge, we headed straight to this little sleepy town of great delights. Due to the limited time we had though, we were not really able to explore what the place has to offer aside from the architectural beauty of its church and of course the shoe stores. 

Well, just by running from store to store could eat most of your time already. You’d find that sitting in this place could be your best comfort, after hours of exhausting shopping. 

 The first time I went here was almost 3 years ago and it’s good to say that the place has barely changed. Same rural appeal... Same smiling people… Same bargain shops… 

The town’s church is also architecturally gifted with grandiose façade made of red bricks. I never get tired of looking and appreciating it. I’m no expert on designs or art, but for me this structure has such an imposing beauty. 

And though the ostentatious bravura of churches of Western world are incomparable in terms of design and architecture, I’m still awed by the fact that a little rural town such as Liliw has something sweet and soulful to offer. 

You just have to go inside to feel the solid spirit of Catholic faith that thrives amongst its people.

When we went inside the church, I walked straight to the candle lighting area. I remember three years ago what I prayed for in this place. I smiled and thank the Lord for fulfilling those innocent wishes. I have been through rough times and somehow amidst those troubled days, I almost forgot to thank God of the countless blessing He has showered. Somehow this place rekindles my soul and renews my faith…

At the fall of dusk, we decided to leave the place. Anyway, most of the shops here were closing early. We rode a jeepney headed for San Pablo, Laguna. The almost one hour ride was a blessing to my tired feet. You wouldn’t see anything but darkness. These parts of Laguna are almost void of Lamp posts. On such a long trip, it’s interesting to note that the people inside a jeepney are usually very quiet. All I can hear was the creaking of tires, screeching of motor, and gushing of fresh wind. It gave me silence… a time to reflect. As I breathe the cool air, I felt renewed… reawakened. 

"Youth is a flower-bed that is to bear rich fruit and must accumulate wealth for its descendants."

Jose Rizal
Letter to the Young Women of Malolos

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