Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Northern Philippines: Backpacking Days

April 5-9, 2012

Five (5) Days ... 5 Brave Souls... 2 Regions...  Equals one unforgettable backpacking adventure... 

From the nights spent sleeping in rustic provincial (non-aircon) buses, to those nights spent sleeping in the hard floor of our tents, to those nights lost sleeping under the star-filled sky...From the mad waves that rocked our frail boat as we sailed away from Palaui Island, to our peaceful journey in the cleanest river in the Cagayan Valley Region, to our search for the circadian flights of bats in Pinacanauan River, up to the heavy rains in the sea that showered with passion.

Volcanic rocks. centuries-old lighthouses. windmills. secret coves. capes and seascapes.
..Oh my! My wild mornings and breathtaking sunsets will never be the same again... Backpacking North is definitely worth everything.

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