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Ambuklao Dam (Bokod, Benguet): A Postcard - Perfect SideTrip

A Postcard - Perfect SideTrip
Ambuklao Dam, Bokod, Benguet
February 2012

Title: Side Tripping Ambuklao Dam

(This is a recount of my first encounter with the sea of clouds and surreal slopes that Mt. Pulag has become synonymous with.
The cringe, exhaustion, extreme heat, thin air, dropping temp, breathtaking sunrise and soap-opera worthy experience
are the 
bits and pieces of memories I have with this mountain.) 

~This placid lake gilded with vibrant hues
perfects a canvas brushed in blues
cold rocks, soft waves, dulling an infinite cruise
swirling, beating, circling shades infused ~

The view at the mouth of Ambuklao Dam en route to Mt. Pulag

After almost thirty minutes of top-load ride, we caught sight of one of the oldest and largest hydroelectric power plants in the country,the Ambuklao Dam located in Bokod, Benguet.

The power plant was constructed in the 1950’s as a means of flood control, source of irrigation water and a way to maximize the renewable energy potential of Luzon’s third largest river, the Agno River. However, after supporting major damages due to earthquake that hit the northern parts of the country in the early 1990’s, the dam was decommissioned. After the rehabilitation efforts done by Aboitiz Power and SN Power of Norway in 2008, Ambuklao was officially re-inaugurated whilst increasing its power capacity from the initial 75 MW to 105 MW.

a feeling so fleeting, it dulls one's sanity
a feeling you find amidst a beautiful scenery
or runaway moments with friends bathed in mystery ~

(Our post-card perfect moments spent briefly at the view deck of Ambuklao Dam near Mt. Pulag)

The minute our jeepney stopped and parked at the viewing deck of the spillway, we couldn’t wait to jump from the vehicle and explore the area. The sight before us was almost theatrical: The expanse of Agno River contained in the dam was gradually edging into the Ambuklao spillway and running with a free-falling acceleration down the mouth of the catch basin. The perimeter of the dam was covered with prolifically-growing green lilies. From afar, the imposing Cordillera provides a scenic backdrop to the placid lake. Hmm… almost theatrical.

In a fashionable manner, the view deck provides a good venue for photo-ops with “barkada” and solo-moments with yourself. I practically enjoyed our photo sessions here given the unusual chill and more than the usual scenery. We felt like posing for some glossy travel magazine... with captured moments seemed to be cut straight from the pages of a travelogue. I loved it!

Our time here was short since Ambuklao Dam was just a side-trip to our Mt. Pulag trek. But even at such a brief encounter, I still consider this place a must-visit side-trip to the playgrounds of the gods. A good spice to a knock-out adventure. Reluctantly after thirty minutes, we started hitting the uphill road... finally to jump-off of Mt. Pulag.

~ Mem'ries blur with time, with prime, slowly sublime...
like word misaligned, it may lose its rhyme.
But when mem'ries seemed to run away from line
dig deeper in your heart, lest you forget
the feelings you've treasured with time ~

(R)- Group shot at the view deck and 
(L) the water lilies proliferating at the mouth of Ambuklao Dam near Mt. Pulag



  1. Yey, been to this place too. :) that was two years ago when i climbed Mt. Pulag. :) We made sure to drop by and took moments to relish the place. :) beautiful.

    1. yes, I must agree wholeheartedly... Ambuklao has its own charm. =) Perfect to spice up the Mt, Pulag experience.


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