Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rise of Datus

Date:  February 6, 2011
Location: Summit of Mt. Manalmon, Madlum San Miguel Bulacan
Artists: AMS,  JAA, MEDC, CC
Make-up: AMS/MEDC

Intense photo shoot, approximately two hundred meters above sea level, in the comfort of dried trees, wild shrubs, and fiery afternoon sun... Who says trekking and high end pictorial can’t come together? We just gave a new meaning to the word, High End.

After taking lunch at the flat rocks over viewing the Cordillera Mountains, preparations were done for this photo-shoot.  In a short span of 10 minutes (that’s how fast we made it), the camera started rolling and it never ended until exhaustion took its toll.

Galang Paru-Paru (Wild Butterfly)

Babaylan (Priestess)      CC/MEDC

It wasn’t easy being barefoot in this grassy summit or being in our atypical attires. There were dried thorns and small sharp twigs ready to slice your skin. The sun was unbearably hot. Our only consolation was the strong wind that blows incessantly and the amazing sight around us. 

Isang Naglalayag

Of course, there was no one there in the area but the four of us (plus “manong” guide, who was amaze of the transformations… , so there weren’t any worries about anyone finding out or showing up any minute and finding us there in such … peculiar outfits. I can only imagine their reactions.

 Aliping Sagigilid  (Slave)

When the sun was just beyond the mountains, we called it pack-up time and transformed back to trekkers’ attire. Since we were hurrying up (practically racing) and catching the little amount of light that would be left before sunset, people forgot (perhaps on purpose) to remove the thick cosmetic on their faces. It’s not too hard to know what the locals were thinking of the four people who climbed earlier and came back hours later with lips reddened and faces blemished with thick blush-on. Hahahha.

Takas   (Escape)

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