Friday, April 27, 2012

Sagada: Wild Flowers of the North

Location: Marlboro Mountain, Town of Sagada in Mt. Province, Philippines
Title: Wild Flowers of the North
Date: April 2011

Wild Flowers of the North

Up in the Northern Philippines lies a small rustic town called Sagada.
Since one would have to endure almost 12 hours of land trip, amidst deep ravines
and narrow winding road, just to get here, this place have been secluded for years.
Time seemed to have frozen in this small rustic town showered with colorful
traditions (e.g. mummified cave burials) and spectacular natural wonders. 
The picture above was taken in one of the mountains in the area accessible
by trekking for hours. The summit of the mountain is adorned with wild white shrubs
that flowers with passion. These plants grow under the scorching heat of the sun
during daylight and the numbing cold of darkness at night. Yet, amidst the harshest
condition, they still thrive, flourish and survive. One realizes that beneath their beauty
and flimsy structure, is their unwavering skills to adapt and live.


Wild flowers are indeed the perfect metaphor. And like the town of Sagada that has continued
to preserve its colorful past and natural wonders, wild flowers from this mountain
will continue to survive and flourish until such time when when it has finally forgotten how.
But until then, this northern gem is a sight to behold.

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