Friday, October 5, 2012

OnAssignment: The Art of Capturing Moments

On A Personal Note:

I've made this pitch for the OnAssignment 2012 Challenge sponsored by  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Lonely Planet Philippines. Although I did not make it as one of the finalists, I kind of treasured the fact that I've mustered enough courage to even join the contest. Just looking at some of the portfolios of other contestants will make you wanna scream and hide in shame. (winks)

So I guess, in memory (hahaha) of that courage, I will post my entry here including the portfolio of pictures I've submitted. That time, my external hard drive just crashed as well as my laptop, so I had to depend solely on the photos I have on Facebook. 

Enough said...World, I present you my very first pitch and portfolio!

(Portraiture, Ladscape, Architecture,  Culture, Food)

The Art of Capturing Moments

Every time I look at the viewfinder, focus on a subject, and release the shutter, I’d always recite a silent prayer that somehow I capture that flicker of a moment that defines an entirety of an event.

Moments are the best expression of emotions. In my budding years as an amateur, I strive to capture the best moments, the right emotions, and the perfect colors. I believe that even an elemental thing could express intense emotion even if no life exists in it. The sun could kiss the clouds, a building could show some warmth, the trees could speak volumes…

If I am going to be selected to cover Le Ville Rose (The Pink City), Toulouse, France, I’d like to say that I’m going to bring with me a perspective of a beginner: someone who has not seen everything, someone who has mix ideas of what angles could create the perfect frame… But amidst that someone is a person who will not stop to deliver the best of emotions that a moment could offer, who will look up a building and asks for its history, who will gaze at road and look for a story, who will stare at something and try to see differently …

For all that it is and for all that it would bring, entering this contest is both a test of courage and a dream. Simply put, dreams are just dreams if one won’t wake up with enough courage to achieve it.

I guess Lonely Planet, Digital Photographer Philippines, and KLM you can just take me to France and see for yourself.

 Moments of Youth ( Bangui, Ilocos Norte )                                   Moments of Love (Pansol, Laguna)

Moments of Calm (Dasol, Pangasinan)                                       Moments of Faith (Pangil, Laguna)

Moments Unknown (Talim Island, Rizal)                                      Moments in Heaven (Mt.Pulag, Benguet)

Moments of Identity (Bicutan, Taguig)                                           Moments Brewed (Tagaytay, Batangas)           


Moments for Hunger (Manila)                                         Moments of Waiting (Atok, Benguet)

I guess I still have to learn a lot of things... 
But I'm taking things on leisure stride and keeping my pace steady. Someday and somewhere, my dream(s) will come true.

I just know they will.


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